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MindMeld Podcast and SoundBytes

There’s sure a lot to know about when it comes to running a technology consulting company. The DeveloperTown team covers news in tech, making the most of tooling, and all things consulting in our weekly podcast, MindMeld.


Ep 7: Note-taking 201: Beyond simply writing things down

Melissa walks through her note-taking process from before the meeting starts to writing during the meeting to sharing out the notes afterward with action items called out for members of the team.

Ep 6: DesignOps: a Key Factor in the Future Success of All Companies, So What is it?

Adam shares: What is DesignOps and how does it integrate into my company? We’ll take a quick look at the 4 main areas of DesignOps and give you some ideas on how you might optimize your workflow from design to development.

Ep 5: Frontend Pull Requests and Code Review Demystified

Ellie shares DeveloperTown's frontend team goals for pull requests, things to think about while reviewing code, and general code review tips.

Ep 4: How Should This Table Work? Common Component Checklist

Julie introduces a tried and true set of checklists used to capture detailed requirements for common features and components like tables, models, and inviting users.

MindMeld SoundByte: New Apple Sign-On Requirements

Jake walks through Apple's newest store guidelines that require all iOS applications to use third party or social media authentication with Apple Sign-On.  Learn More

Ep 3: Building Web Apps with Storybook: A Deep Look

Alex shares how DeveloperTown uses Storybook to build web apps that are responsive, ready for internationalization, and accessible to all users.

Ep 2: Webkit Full Third-Party Cookie Blocking

Colin details how Webkit is restricting cookie and local storage functionality in the name of privacy, and what it means for the future of Progressive Web Applications.

Ep1: Homeschooling and Working From Home

Kat Howenstein from our business development team shares her insights for being an online teacher, and what you can do to support eLearning while working from home.

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The MindMeld Learning Library is a collection of resources originally delivered by industry experts through our monthly panel discussions. These presentations provide deep insight into topics like DevOps, IoT, UX/UI design, MicroServices, Frontend Development, and much more.