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Ep 7: Note-taking 201: Beyond simply writing things down


Design Systems at Scale

A design system is far more than a style guide. A design system is a continuously evolving, single source of truth and collaboration point for the entire product team. At scale, the benefits of having a robust design system are well known: Increased velocity and time to market, higher quality and consistency, and better team collaboration. 

Explore techniques to get started on a solid foundation, how to better engage your development team, and how to get the most out of your design system at scale.


There’s sure a lot to know about when it comes to running a technology consulting company. The DeveloperTown team covers news in tech, making the most of tooling, and all things consulting in our weekly podcast, MindMeld.


Ep 8: .Net Maui and What it Means for your Xamarin Project

 In this episode we take a look at .Net Maui, Microsoft's next-generation cross-platform application sdk, We will discuss how it will affect the Xamarin ecosystem, and what lays on the horizon for your Xamarin project.

Ep 7: Note-taking 201: Beyond simply writing things down

Melissa walks through her note-taking process from before the meeting starts to writing during the meeting to sharing out the notes afterward with action items called out for members of the team.

Ep 6: DesignOps: a Key Factor in the Future Success of All Companies, So What is it?

Adam shares: What is DesignOps and how does it integrate into my company? We’ll take a quick look at the 4 main areas of DesignOps and give you some ideas on how you might optimize your workflow from design to development.

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The MindMeld Learning Library is a collection of resources originally delivered by industry experts through our monthly panel discussions. These presentations provide deep insight into topics like DevOps, IoT, UX/UI design, MicroServices, Frontend Development, and much more.

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